How to choose a bed

The design of the standard bed is a frame with a frame on the legs, equipped with a back, side panels and a foot wall. Many manufacturers give you the opportunity to decide what will be the length and width of your bed, offer a choice of several frames and mattresses, as well as accessories included. Variations of the back of a great many, among them unusual shapes, intricate patterns, different materials. The side panels can be upholstered in leather or fabric, and the foot wall may well be absent.

This bed has a powerful steel frame that can withstand loads up to 320 kg. For distribution
load and give stability to the bed, it is additionally attached to the wall.

This makes them almost invisible and keeps the illusion of floating in the air. Bed frame
it can be made not only of metal, but also of wood. And the shape of the bed can be

Pay special attention to the choice of mattress for sleeping. Orthopedic properties and materials of manufacture are of great importance and deserve a separate description. Often in the package includes a mattress bed, but it may be of inadequate quality, so carefully read the complete set of the bed before buying.

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